Meet the Photographers

As much as one photographer may love shooting weddings, it is impossible to be in more than one place at once! While a smaller event can be covered by a single photographer, the larger weddings require a group effort. I can bring in extra professionals as needed to make sure everything is covered perfectly. While Ed mainly works as support staff, he keeps a camera close at hand and gets some great behind the scenes shots. 

Anita Marshall (a.k.a Steely Joe): I have been a shutterbug since my first photography class in high school. I have been working professionally since starting up Steely Joe Studio Photography in 2007, and won my first wedding photography competition in 2010. My style leans more towards photojournalistic and candid images. Weddings are my passion, but I also love doing creative portraits, especially with high school seniors, and dabble in fashion photography as well. Custom-designed albums that tell a story through images are my specialty.

In 2012 I was accepted at the University of South Florida as a PhD student in Geology (the thing that fights with photography for top spot on my list of passions). So we closed up shop in Arkansas and moved to Tampa, FL. Balancing graduate school and a photography business is a challenge, but I wouldn't give up either one!

Ed Marshall: Ed works full time as a computer systems engineer, but on the weekends, he likes to go with me to shoot weddings. Although he mostly functions as an very capable assistant, he is also busy practicing his photography skills. Ed gets some great "behind the scenes pictures" when people don't think there is a photographer around!